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    Nicolai Group Ride last Sunday - This is the best as it can get here in SIngapore!

    Hi all,

    our usual weekend rides had quite a nice decent turn out and we manage some videos , in case for those who wonders how the trail here is like. Well this is the best as it can get - probably why we always have the crave to go neighbouring countries like malaysia and indonesia and ride!!

    Its my first try on GOpro and a very early version no HD or whats ever. Mounted to my helmet and was trying it out for the first time!


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    Thanks for the vids!

    Singapore is actually on the short list of places I might live in in the next few years and I was curious about the trails. I wouldn't move somewhere with zero trails nearby, so at least I can see there is something there!

    Is that, officially speaking, a legal trail for MTBs? How do you get there from the city? (e.g. have to drive, or taxi, or can you ride out)

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    We drive there and no.. The nice trails are not legal well at leastit doesn't say it is or not

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    Awsome stuff AttitudeBikes - Mountain Biking near London in the UK

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    Great vids, thanks for sharing..

    You so need to pack those bikes up and make one flight to New Zealand and you will be in bike heaven....
    The_Lecht_Rocks: whafe - cheeers - may i offer an official apology for the wagon wheeler "dis-belief"

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