Well for starters I had my mind set on a Banshee Spitfire and I went ahead and bought all the parts I need for a kickass build minus the frame. Then a bunch of bad press came out about there bushings, maintenance , pivot slop etc. So my mind started wondering about what other frames mightn't be interested in that would work out good with my parts which include a new revelation air RLT Ti 150mm fork. Now the Helius Am has been marinating in my mind and it's all I can think about!!!! My question is, am I good with 150mm revelation in the front???? , I plan on running air in the back as well, I ride aggressively , love steep knarly rollers, chutes , some drops and kickers as well as long grueling technical XC stuff. I don't feel like trying to sell it , it's brand new in the box ,
But I do want the "right fork"