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    I still have the FR but its hanging up.. was thinking of reinventing it with an angleset, 160 air forks, air shock and lighter wheels and 1*10.

    With that set up I think it will be more than a match for all the modern enduro bikes and will look bad ass to boot!

    Ive ridden lots of bikes recently and most of them corner better then the FR but none have the epic traction and tracking in the rough stuff that the FR has. If I can get it lower and slacker I think it could hold its own for a few more years.

    Whafe / Boozzz if you ever in Uk with the bikes ping us a line and we will do a ride. - Mountain Biking near London in the UK

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    Nice one Karve, exactly like I've set up mine (this is of course a semi-gratuitous photo opportunity). Great minds think alike I say Probably won't be anytime soon I'll be in the UK, but would definitely be nice to hook up when it happens!

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    Forum very quiet?

    Karve, my friend has the FR too. It's a bit high, we lowered it using the front mount and with an air shock adjusted the rear travel to avoid ST strikes. running 160mm 36's. It's now much better, feels modern descending, much slacker and the BB height is good. ST a bit slack for climbing but still ok. Max on an angleset is about 1.3deg, workscomponent could do a custom or go 1deg and use the front mount to take another degree off woul de a good compromise. Still a great stiff frame and as you say, bottomless feel in the suspension.

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