The El Cerrito High School Mountain Bike Club is having it’s first race of the 2006 season. The Central Coast Invitational, held at East Garrison, Fort Ord near Monterey (3/5 11 am) will be the scene of the largest cohort of EC riders and families in the history of our Club. Some 25 riders will put their wheels on the line, 15 of them for the very first time.
We are all very excited about the upcoming race as it will galvanize the hard work we have al put in to our riding. In addition to new skills we will be showing off our new tent and Club jackets; anyone can be protected against the elements but we look great doing it.
If you have a chance to come down and support us we would be pleased to see you. As one of our valued supporters your participation is never far from our thoughts. Many of the bikes these kids ride came from parts donated from this very forum.

Michael Mejia, Director
Jeremiah Holland, Head Coach
Lincoln Linsmith, Coach/Mechanic