The Norcal High School Racing League held their Coaches Camp this weekend at Tamarancho. Saturday was spent on an 8 hour First Aid Clinic by FosterCalm with 16 coaches and support Staff in attendance. The thing that struck me was the difficulty in overcoming an mtb-ers natural tendancy to return to the trail head inspite of injury. It is sorta in our blood but we have to learn to be more careful with head and spine considerations.
Many of the attendees stayed overnight at the Camp and rode the singletack together next morning and had a breakfast of bacon and eggs. A bit later in the day the Redwood High School Racing Team was out on the trails joined by Ned Overend. At the end of their ride Ned and the kids and their coach Patchen came over to visit the Norcal Coaches and they were honored at the sentiment.
Last week it was Freddy Rodriguez and Joe Breeze, and the week before Tyler Hamilton and Dave Zabriskie.
Significant people in the sport are supporting and understanding our work. It is unique in the world. It's a great place to be.