A San Jose Photographer met me on Saturday to deliver 2 boxes of mtb stuff for the Club. There were shifters and levers, v-brakes, front der, discs, bars, wheels, gloves and a shock barely out of the box.
The riser bars, v-brakes, shifter/brake levers, and front der are already on a Paragon we are setting up for a promising new rider. The Psylo is going on the GT Ricochet I was shaking down that day to replace that modest Jett it had. The wheels are going onto project bike in my shed, a pretty nimble little Diamondback lightweight steel medium frame. I'll throw the Jett on that. I think you get my drift!
This was just fantastic and left me almost speachless, unusual for me, and then blabbering thanks.
Since I posted a request for donations to our ECHSMTB Club I have had a number of responses and we are currently trying to figure out how to meet/hand off. I hope that this part of the process moves smoothly because the value of these girfts is immense; it strengthens the quality of our rides and, hence, our overall enjoyment.
I am not surprised by this. Just amazed.
Muchas Gracias, Compadre.