At last nights monthly meeting the Bicycle Trails Counsil of the East Bay has agreed to support The El Cerrito High School Mountain Bike Club with a financial donation. This is a wonderful acknowledgment of our work with the kids to create powerful, skilled, and responsible mountain bikers and their faith in our future with Norcal High School Racing.
Of further interest, we were all charmed to realize how early BTCEB influence effected the presence of the ECHSMTB Club. Back in 2002 my Head Coach Jeremiah Holland attended a Beginners Ride in Wildcat provided by the BTCEB which hooked him on the sport. In 2000 I started a bike club at my son's school called The Windrush Dust Devils based upon my experience as a Ride Leader for BTCEB. My next Club effort was to help found ECHSMTB with Jeremiah and a few kids and families from that original Windrush program who were now high school age.
What this shows is the value of working together over time to promote cycling. Even the little things add up and really make a difference. You never know how you will ultimately effect the sport when you make a friend on the trail. We touch our visor to the Trails Counsil and look forward to placing their logo on our 2007 Jersey Kit.