The League held it's Championship race at Bogg's Demonstration Forest for the 3rd year in a row. This is a true mountain bike course with roots, rocks, steep climbs, slippery surfaces, deep dust and 105 heat. Of the total of 299 racers there were 23 DNF's. Of the 67 girls who raced there were no DNFs.

1 in 10 boys dnf'ed. Most of those were mechanicals and many succeeded in spite of mechanicals. The girls had few or no mechanicals and this, I believe was a function of the incredible amount of support they receive to make their experience a good one. I know that our girls get super mechanical support and finished all 19 race opportunities this year. I can't say that for our boys and we aren't nearly as attentive to their mechanical needs.

There are other reason that racers don't finish. It is clear that the girls who race with us don't easily just turn and walk away. I am very proud of them.