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Thread: 100 Mile Ride

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    100 Mile Ride

    I have a 06 Trek 4300 and Fiancee has a 2011 Giant Boulder, not to sound like a noobie but will our bikes survive the 100 mile ride to Montauk? Thinking of joining but a little intimidated by these $3,000 roadies....I know our bikes will need a tune up especially the Trek. What do ya think?

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    I would not worry about others...

    ...rather "your" preparation is what will get you through.

    Have you ever done rides this long?
    Are you doing pre rides to get in shape for this long of a ride?
    Do you have spares to bring along?
    Do you have mechanical skills to repair you bike along the way?

    Have your bikes in A-1 shape at the start of the ride, if you don't do your own work get them to your LBS and be ready.

    As it gets closer look at the weather for the ride and plan your nutrition, hydration, and clothing.

    Good Luck!

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    We haven't done a ride this long, mostly just 15-20 mile rides with a couple uphills. I was just considering the 100 mile length since it's mostly flat, might bump it down to 50 Mile. I have mechanical skills but would want to minimize carrying extra parts, will most likely bring a back pack.

    Thanks for the tips regarding conditioning and weather!

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    A hundred mile ride is a mighty long haul.

    Even if it's flat, keep in mind that you'll be pedaling the whole time.


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    Hi there,

    I too am planning on dialing in this 100 mile ride it seems like fun, plus I have a relative's house that I can crash at out in montauk. My plan is to do the ride, get a lobster for dinner then get drunk.

    I have heard that this ride is very flat, but as others have said, 100 miles is a damn long ride, especially on a mountain bike. I am going to use my road bike for this event. In all seriousness, you could be pedaling for 8 hours or so. Previous 100 mile rides I've done were more hilly, but the last few miles were really brutal. But hey, if worse comes to worse, you could always hitch a ride with the SAG vehicle!

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