Hello mountain bikers. It looks like we are in the beginning of another warming trend. In my town up north, temps are predicted stay above freezing for over a week. This may mean thaw and melting snow, leaving trails very soft. Just a reminder from Jorba: Please try to be as responsible as you can with where you ride. If jorba does not post conditions, it may mean the woods are too sensitive to go in. If so inclined, contact chapter head for conditions.

Riding in soft conditions causes tread cupping, a condition that can threaten trail sustainability, if not repaired. It also causes trail widening when people ride around puddles and soft spots. I know that we at Ringwood have approval for 3-4 years of new trail building. I would hate to spend 1/2 of this spring repairing, when we could be building more trails.

The warm weather could make for some nice road ride opportunities.

Thanks in advance for helping us out!