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    Tubeless in New Jersey


    I'm making the switch to tubeless and was wondering what tires work best and what to avoid. Success or failure with Stan's system? Is there any other system out there worth trying?

    Also, what tires are you using generally using? (can Do you switch tires to ride at different spots? Anyone using tire liners? Is there one brand of tubes you will only buy? I know there are DH tubes and light weight tubes but is there one brand that's outstanding then the others? Do you buy it online or at the shop?
    And how many times will you patch a tube before replacing it???

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    IMO choice of tires is more of a personal preference relative to other bike components. You have a diversity of people, personalities, riding styles, etc. What one person will like, another will flame.

    For instance IME Conty UST vertical pros have treated me well in most trail types and conditions, but many complain about "weak sidewalls" etc... But as stated above IME they are the best tires I have tried for where and how I ride - CR, Sourland, mud, snow, etc. Keep in mind that there are many tires that I haven't tried, but If it ain't broke...

    My preference is to use UST rims rather than to retro fit a standard rim using a Stans kit. The less, the better.

    I used to pour stans into my old Panaracer and Enduro UST tires, but it never worked for me despite following directions. As far as tubes go I toss em if I flat, but thats me - I don't feel that it is worth my time and effort to patch a tube for the low price that I pay for each tube.

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    I was wondering the same thing......

    I do use differnt tires for various conditions.........I do not run tubless, but a friend of mine does, he rides DH and never has a problem.........After getting 2 flats in 2 DH runs I am going to look into tubeless...........I do not repair tubes, it's quicker to replace, and less headaches.......

    Whats the word on tubeless DH set-ups?

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    I ride tubeless with Stans and I haven't had a problem after about 20 rides and I ride some pretty rocky trails like Chimney Rock, Allamuchy and Ringwood. I would recommend them if you willing to make the investment into some new rims.

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    O-K , personal preferance, I have been running a set of Stans Olympic rims w/American Classic hubs[built at the campmor bike shop by Geoff B.] using tube tires [Kenda Nevegal rear, Blue groove in front] and Stans sealant for a year.
    I ride Ringwood and Skyline mostly, 0 flats [just cursed myself, in writing no less] the tires hook up on almost anything and the wheel set is wicked light yet has never needed to be trued except for maintanance.All this despite bombing the rock gardens doing small [2-3 ft] drop offs and not avoiding any gnarly terrain. Yes I am more than satisfied with my personal preferance.
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    Jim how's it going? Me and my buddy Mike are thinking about hitting Hartshorne on Sunday. Are you guys riding?

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    I run stan's tubeless on my dh/fr bike, I've had good luck with them. I used to run Kenda Nevegals 2.5 front and 2.35 out back which works absolutely awesome at skyline drive's rock terrain. But I ripped a hole in my 2.35 single ply on a rock and it was too big of a hole for stan's to re-seal. I'm using michelin dh 24 2.5 and 2.2 right now, and were stupid easy (because they are UST) to seal in comparison to the nevegals and roll quick than the nevegals but the nevegals def. grip better over the rocks. I'd def. recommended the dh24's for most of the terrain I've encountered in nj, the nevegals if you don't mind spending the time getting them sealed have great traction.
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    I have been running tubeless for years. The conti vertical pros are good for xc/trails. I didn't have luck with kendas on any bike. So far I ripped 2 sidewalls on the 2.35 single ply Nevegal, and 2 sidewalls on the nevegal DH. None of the holes were huge, but they were in spots where sealant wouldn't seal it. I have had great success on my DH with Maxxis and Michelin. Both of those wore out from normal use with no problems ever. I just put Maxxis ignitor ust tires on my trailbike, so hopefully they hold up too. I run UST rims on both bike. I found the rim strips to be a total pain in the ass. UST rims and a compressor is the ticket. No soap required. Tubeless is the way to go. The only time I have gotten flats with it was the sidewall rips.

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    Major tip - To save all those out there a major learning curve when sealing your tubeless ust or regular do the following:

    1. Put tire on rim

    2. take out presta core (get the stans tool)

    3. put in stans sealent by prying opening with tire lever (skip if u just use UST and no sealant)

    4. with a compressor and with core out (important) inflate tire just to get beat seated - u shld hear it popping on rim

    5. Put core back in and you should be able to pump it up now with tire pump

    6. shake tire so sealent seals - DONE!
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