Thanks to the following hardy souls who broke a sweat at June's trail date cutting the next installment of our "Red Ribbon" (a twisty singletrack trail that will eventually replace a eroded fire road portion of the red trail).

Al Tomaro, Larry Smith. Steven Riecker, Greg Murray, Joe Monga, Evan Magno, Ron Luna, Andrew Joyce, Jesse Epstein, Duncan Douglas, Sean Conroy, Eric Carlson.

A couple of us also hosted three visitors to from the South Mountain Conservancy to survey our trail building work over the past few years in our continuing efforts to help our Essex county neighbours establish great trails too, so -all in- it was a mighty productive day.

REMINDER: Next trail date is this Saturday, July 21. Sunrise Lake Boathouse, 8:15 AM. Tools, gloves, water provided. The more of us show up, the sooner we can complete the new trail. Hope to see you there!!

Greg Murray
Morris Trails Partnership
JORBA Morris County