• 04-17-2012
    Prohibited Motorized Vehicle Use and Illegal Dumping.
    Prohibited Motorized Vehicle Use and Illegal Dumping.


    For State Parks (Northern) and WMA's
    Allamuchy State Park lands - Mooch, Deer Park, Stephens

    1-877 WARN-DEP

    In the case of the State Park, the Park Police will call you back and check it out. Get a description and if it's the case a license plate number. If you see where the tracks are entering the park, make note of it and offer it to the park police.

    Morris County Parks - Morris County Park Police 973-326-7654

    The phone number for Ringwood State Park Office is (973)962-2240. They will contact Park Police. Trespassing is not high on the priority list, but worth reporting.

    I saw a fire yesterday at Stephens, many of the motorized have removed the spark arrestor. F.D. and Forestry service was on the fire and put it out.
  • 04-18-2012
    Steve, I want to say that we mountain bikers can make a difference. If we bring a trash bag when we go riding and just pick up by where we park, the place would look a lot nicer. There is a lot of trash at Stevens, alongside the road by where the trail goes under the railroad tracks. Instead of parking at the iron gate, if riders drive further in and turn left, that is the area that needs picking up. It is a big mess that was not made by bikers but whats the harm in spending a few extra minutes after a ride? If 100 people do it the place would be spotless. Zip
  • 07-08-2012
    :thumbsup:Gr8 idea !! Plz help keep all trails clean,take pride in our riding areas ,all of them ,if you see some garbage stop and pack it out and the world would be a better place to ride!!! :thumbsup:
  • 07-17-2012
    Definitely. We have to maintain the trails and the surrounding ppl ride on.
  • 01-07-2013
    Re Deer Park
    There has been ATV use at Deer Park..... Now is a perfect time (if you have the opportunity) to follow the tracks through the snow and find out the entry and exit points... or maybe more! If I have time I will give it a go. It will have to be outside of a normal ride, but the effort may be worth it.

    This can be valuable info when making a call to.... 1-877-WARN-DEP

    ... also getting reports of ruined cross country ski trails due to atv....
  • 01-08-2013
    yes someone has got a new toy and claimed DP as its playground. Word has it tracks go down the abandoned fireroad off white between dam and birches. This would seem that someone from waterloo rd would be the culprit. I think they are night poaching. Sad to see widening of trails already...
  • 09-27-2013
    A lot of recent quad damage in Allamuchy....

    and... Dumping on the trail head at Waterloo Valley Rd at the end of the Serpinteen (pink), If you see anything please call

  • 04-29-2014

    Keep this number handy. I seen alot of turned over trail tread lately. Not to mention off line moto ruts. The dumping survey down the page is an important asset to us too.
  • 05-15-2014
    Please put the number in your phone. And, read the good news about dumping.

    'Don't Waste our Open Space' initiative to combat illegal dumping on state lands yields first enforcement actions | NJ.com

    I believe there has been some interesting talk on the Hackettstown Patch too.
  • 03-19-2016
    Get the number handy!