'Sup South Jersey Peeps? I'm back and "I Pitty the Fool", that doesn't know about the great trails at south Jersey County Colleges: Gloucester Community College and Camden Community College.

I'll be up for some MTB Saturday afternoon/evening and or Sunday.

Ride is contingent with me getting my new Fox Shox from Campmor on Friday, or I'll have leave the bike with them for the week-end to install shox, I may just have to go on Road ride.

They (campmor) told me my night rider replacement helmet clamp is in, and that they have some Fox Shox in stock, so hopefully they can knock it out in a few hours.

I think i read on this forum somewhere that CCC (camden college), is good at night, so maybe saturday after dinner, 1 one-two hour ride).

Camden College Ride below from April 12, 2009 (Motion Based):

Click link for pix of gloucester college ride april 13, 2009

post back or pm if you want to ride, I can go to Ceres too, but imho the colleges are better for mtb