Marty's Randolph Rep Night 2012: FEB 15


So you missed last year's did ya? Didn't get your chance to see, speak with and marvel at the style-infused prowess of Gary Fisher.

You tool.

Well luckily for you, Marty's of Randolph's now "more than famous, it's INfamous" Rep Night 2012 is here! And who are they following up Gary Fisher with, you ask? How about the one and only NED OVEREND!!!

A quick blurb from Specialized on Ned:
Simply put, Ned is the man. His contributions to Specialized and the sport of cycling span three decades. Ned "retired" from full-time mtn bike racing in the mid-90's, only to go on to win two triathlon world championships. "Deadly Nedly" is now a vital member of our R&D team, captains the XC squad, and personifies what Specialized aspires to be.

That's right! Mark your calendar and tell Siri to set you a reminder for Wednesday, February 15th. Just like last year there will be vendors, food, free stuff, raffles and of course....


Hopefully Rob, Yukon or one of the boys will post a list of vendor here at some point but there were A LOT.

This is a not to be missed event. So to recap:

WHAT: Marty's Rep Night
WHERE: Randolph, NJ
WHEN: Feb 15, 2012 (after workish)
WHY: bike god Ned Overend, that's why!!!

Be there. Don't make me call you out again.