Date:May 2, 2009

Location: Lewis Morris Park

Conditions: 60 at arrival. 68 when leaving. Trails moist in some spots, but otherwise mostly dry.

Trip Report: Turned out to be a great day to ride. I was a little on edge, with the rains in the morning, but finally headed out around 12. I was really surprised at how well I was able to handle the hills. It really feels like all this time doing squats and leg presses in the gym is paying off as I only had to hike-n-bike 3 or 4 times. Two of the hills that I consider to be some of the more tough climbs, I was able to ride all the way on them, in the granny gear of course.

I noticed a lot of new features, which is cool. As I build up some confidence over the next few rides, I'm looking forward to hitting them. Place was dead today. I only saw two other bikers, and two hikers. I got some mad adrenaline rushes and hit some sweet jumps. Overall I left the place pretty happy and excited to return for another run around the loop.

Pictures available here: