• 11-02-2012
    Dirt Jumping on Eastern LI
    Hey boys and girls...

    Ok, this is just a question. I know all about cunningham park and the dirt jumps there, but I'm trying to find out if there are any other dirt jumps out toward the eastern end of long island. I've found one spot that's pretty legit, but I'm looking for something closer to my home (Port Jefferson area). If anyone would be cool enough, please let me know where I can find something good. If you'd like it to remain private please PM me. I'm totally cool and not trying to encroach (big word!) on anybody's spot. Just looking for someplace close to ride and potentially build. I don't care whether it's legal or not, and I'll assume that most places are not exactly gonna be Kosher. Thanks for any help!:thumbsup:
  • 11-04-2012
  • 01-03-2013
    hey man i got something right in our area in Millerplace ive know for a lil while but never went in until today took a 15 min lap walk around and its got 2 nice rideable lines in decent-good shapes small-med size and sum big sh*t most not rideable due to overgrowth and non maintence and im sure hurricane sandy sum are almost Panamoka size i dont know whos responsible for this place but the place def needs sum help the surrounding woods would also make a great place for a lil custom XC loop nice hills and good lines im def down to put sum work into this place i dont really know anyone around here but i plan on doing a lil bit of research plan on going back with the bike soon maybe
  • 01-04-2013
    I think I know the place is it near the post office on Echo Ave?
  • 01-04-2013
    Hmmm no not really. There is a very small area of woods by post office and i c alot of lil kids on bmx bikes on that corner. Ill check there next
  • 01-23-2013
    Behind Farmingdale High School... I'm tellin ya, check it out, you will NOT be disappointed
  • 09-07-2014
    Hey guys. Im also from port jeff sta. 35 and thinking about getting back into bmx/ mtb after a 12 year hiatus. Looking for some local tracks to get back into things. Nothing really big. Pm me if you want to keep it private. Thanks!
  • 12-27-2014
    I've been going around a couple forums the last few days trying to revive some old threads. Looking to get back into it and know a few others as well. Anyone who is trying to re-learn and put in some shovel time hit me up
  • 12-28-2014
    Lets get it done. I got a shovel, Knowledge and will have plenty of time.

    PM me for trails locations and where new trails are gunna be and I will be there helping.

    Picked up a RL flight cruiser and i need to get some saddle time before the BMX season starts
  • 12-29-2014
    Hey Sparty its BrianC !! You ride everything !! Talked to Kenny him and Jared went to the spot i scouted yesterday and already got a couple lines up and running. The place def needs some drain work but overall we think minimal work required. Gonna get with kenny tomm and check out another spot. Would love to get you involved with this. Come join the fun !!
  • 12-29-2014
    Hey Brian!!!!!

    How are you doing?

    Let me say first, thanks for all your work in the community.

    Yeah, I dabble with all avenues of riding. Picked up a new cruiser over a year ago. Love it!
    Awesome that you guys are working the trails. I would love to give a hand....hit me up here or vision.