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    building a rhythm section

    sup mtb homies?

    back in the day lot's folks made little 'victory gardens' where the planted stuff they could eat

    to this day, perhaps if you are on a train in europe, you may see a small parcel of land were luscious fruit and vegatables are being grown. what an awesome idea, to take a small parcel of land and harvest nutrients out of it?

    is it possible to use the same concept and 'build a rhythm section' for mtb and/ or bmx?

    occasionally i'l bike or run through the county park, and i'll see a few moguls of dirt, and i say to myself 'let's build a rhythm section', where you can spend an hour or two just working on maeurerability.

    i asked someone, yeh, look and the wasted hill on the fringe of van saun (okay once or twice a winter you'll see folks sleigh riding, there. i see (in mmy head) mini mtb trails, not unlike mini golf is to golf

    i know of one spot in hoboken, near the water and sinatra park, i believe the park is more for skateboarders than bmx , actually i remermer in nyc riverside park south of washington heights, there was a similir skateboard bmx park, no one was at the one in the city, i think two kids had skaetboards, and a kid on bmx, wanted to check out the park

    i prefer dirt, as t's more forgiving, then boards, metal and plastic

    if there's anyone that knows of a place please let me know (pm if you want to be on th down low)

    me first:; thee are some trails at the end of moonachie ave, the main strecth is called the red road, and runs along side, nj turnpike, don't go past the turnpike as its a secured area

    any way, lots of kids tool around one part on the mini bike. the red road doen't drain well as it's some kind of clay (liek a red clay). was down there sunday, and the nice 'rhythm section', was floaded

    en lieu of no rythm section, i took the mtb to garden state plaza this morning and did some intervals

    my jucy brakes i just got put on work great, also hand built rear mavic is awesome, front whell did not fit on, anyone else have problems with the dart 2 and front wheel hitting spokes
    i got one lap in at 19.1, near what i get on my road bikes, if i go sneaker then 2.4" on the rear tire, i'l go faster

    thank you


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    Contact JORBA for help...

    If you are really serious about this contact JORBA. Send an e-mail to Frank at allaire at to get started. We can then let you know what we have in the works and how we might be able to help grow your idea!!!

    Bob W.
    "The rides to short to not kick against the pricks" M.F.

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    thanks for the feedback. i should shoot him an email, as allaire is a prime example.

    i have cycled there a few times, and some one told me many of the trails were first created by mini & motor scooters back in the day.

    first i should attend a couple of trail maintenance days here in north jersey. in south jersey both camden and gloucester county colleges have made some beautiful trails out of what little natureal geography they have, here in north jersey we have so much varied terrrain with elevation and rocks, that good mtb is almost a gimme, except those of us that live in densly populated areas like central bergen, have to wait for the week-end or occasional week-night to get in some good mtb

    in nyc hignbridge park gives manhattan residents real mtb, here in central bergan, there are small pockets of land adjacent to major highways and the rivers, that could have mtb.

    overpeck park, from what i understand is a converted dump, and although i have considered doing intervals there, that park is more suited for rollerblading, tennis & soccer. however on one side there is horses, and mtb could possibly be available. also alpine boat basin has some nice hiking trails, but i really don't think they allow the mtb : (

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    that map is pretty cool just around garden state looking and im like o just some mall in jersey then see its 17 and 4 lol
    GT XCR 3000. not stock!

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    i wimped out this morning, but how many days a week can you bike in a 1.25 circle?

    anyway, before 7 am week days is good, i go clockwise since ther's 4 red lights, yesterday i saw a guy with a pick-up, and a mtb and a canoe in the back (i never did that when i had my pick-up)

    anyway gsp, is not as flat as you would think, and the road is a little bumpy, so its better to take the mtb then road, i am only afraid that one morning i'll take road bike and go over wide drain cover and have endo,

    below is behind another mall (bergen) and although not good for intervals, has a little off-road through coles creek and borg's woods) (today i ran through borgs wood, and it was flooded so i couldn't get to far side that heads up towards summet & clinton

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