Brickyard in Binghamton

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  • 11-18-2012
    Brickyard in Binghamton
    Hey, was wondering if anyone who rides in the Binghamton area knows of trails up near the brickyard. I was told you can ride up there, and I've seen a couple pictures of people biking up there, but there's not much in the way of information about how to get to the trails or if the trails are even worth riding. I'm from the area so I was thinking of just going and checking them out, but I was hoping maybe someone had some information about it. :)

  • 12-10-2012

    Familiar with Bing but never heard of that unless it's called by a different name. Where about is that? Up on the hill near the train yard?
  • 12-11-2012
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    From what I understand, this area is the brickyard. If you're familiar with Bing, then I'm sure you've seen it up on the hill from Rt. 81 or 17.

    It doesn't seem to be a very large area, so I can't imagine there's a whole lot of trails up there, but I have heard a few people mention it as a place to ride. I also vaguely remember seeing pictures of people on mountain bikes up there.

    Guess I could always check it out and report back. :)