• 01-10-2013
    Well if we can ride there that would be awesome. It's a nice place.
  • 01-10-2013
    I just sent off another e-mail. Not knowing who is in charge or who has authority in these maters among the (Friends of Great Bear). It seems that we are getting conflicting information. I have requested to know who'm is in charge and what decisions have been made if any concerning riding at the bear in winter. I will post my findings here and on the CNYFat Bike face book page when I have them.
  • 01-14-2013
    DiRt DeViL
    Got a reply, not a definite answer thou.

    "Right we are looking at guidelines as to when or if to ride.
    I appreciate you bearing with us and waiting a bit longer.
    With this meltdown, the trails will be not in the best of shape, turning wet and muddy.
    With the warm snow conditions we have, this would not be a good time to ride.
    We do not want to have ruts made in the snow or left in the bare ground churning the trail up or to freeze over."

    After realizing that the trails could be just like the swamp that I have for backyard decided not to even try to ride.
  • 01-14-2013
    I've been talking to dick about fat biking there in the winter. He has not given me a response yet because he wants to see it once we get some snow

  • 01-14-2013
    Captain Duderino
    Not having ridden a fatbike yet, I imagine someone less than 120 lbs on one would fail to be able to leave offensive ruts in the gloopy glop even if they tried to.

    Webster's Bird Sanctuary (2000 block of Valley Drive, access at the cemetary) is fine. Rode it yesterday. The north descent is a bit loose, but rocky enough that no one is concerned about ruts. On the foot paths, I pull over for walkers and get no flak. Be prepared to holler if you're ripping the mtb-only paths, some walkers don't ever expect to see anybody coming down them.

    Skytop is fine, rode it two days ago.
  • 01-14-2013
    I'm so close but so far from being able to ride. Looking forward to spring time. Here's my build so far. Working on installing remote motion control on my fork. Still missing a few parts to complete the bike but I'll be ready by spring.

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