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  • 12-09-2012
    Allamuchy tm
    A big thanks to all who came out today for the Jorba trail maintenance. We spread out and approached from Tranquillity, Waterloo and Cranberry.

    See you next time.
  • 12-10-2012
    Bob W
    Allamuchy Shout Out
    We had a great turn out on Sunday. A total of 14 volunteers showed up and put in 70 hours of time removing blow down. Wanted to specifically thank the following for coming out; Charlie F, Jay W, Dan M, Scott H, Jeff O, Jack L, Rich Z, Steve F, Tom D, Todd R, Paul M, Marc P, and Victor S.

    In addition would like to thank everyone that has been coming out on their own to work on clearing the trails....its evident that a lot of time has been put in by many!

    Will be out this coming Sunday, 9;00 at Tranquility!
  • 12-15-2012
    Nice work dudes!
  • 01-17-2013
    wish I could have came to help. I rode those trails literally everyday last summer, but im in az right now. great riding out here by the way