I'd like to do SBT on Sunday or Monday and am looking for ideas on a shuttle. I'm told that the bike shops aren't really doing that these days.

If anybody wants to ride and/or just shuttle us for cash/beer please let me know.

I'll be riding with my girlfriend who, I believe, will be walking much of the lower technical stuff so it will be a long day for us. Fortunately she's aware of this ahead of time and wants to do the ride even though it will get more technical in parts than she likes. I've never done SBT but we tried to do it backwards from town one time, which was really just a good way to sweat, so we've seen the last 3 miles.

Anyway, if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them. Is it crazy to try and ride from HWY 64 (more or less, seems like that'd be around 9 miles of uphill) if nobody wants to drive up the dirt road?

We're experienced riders in reasonably good shape, willing to make a full day of it (but the downhill will go slowly, especially once it gets technical).