The NM Trail Pix Thread

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  • 06-30-2016
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    Valle Vidal green as can be.
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  • 06-30-2016
    Horsethief Mesa overlooking the Rio
  • 07-17-2016
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    Valles Caldera loop on fat bike
    Always wanted to check this place out..."trails" are all old ranch road two track, as shown here, but devoid of cars/motorcycles/atvs, with large views of a unique area. Got a bunch more photos here:
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  • 07-20-2016
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    Keeping the stoke high
    Here some more pics from this summer: keep that stoke high NM! With these recent rains, I hope our trails are little less dusty....

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  • 07-20-2016
    WHOA! Stunning!
  • 07-25-2016
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    Yesterday a friend sent me this photo from ABQ's west mesa...Amazing! She said it was not photoshop'ed.

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  • 08-07-2016
    Really nice day in SF National Forest today.

    Ran into about a half dozen of these guys, they didn't want to get out of my way

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  • 08-09-2016
    What is that, a Sage Grouse?

    Killer pics, everyone!
  • 08-10-2016
    It's a blue/dusky grouse

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  • 09-29-2016
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    Color is popping up high!
    I only stopped twice, but the color is popping! Y'all better get some!!

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    Top of Winsor at the Nordic ski track (Great re-routes SFFTS!)

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    A little below Pacheco Canyon Road
  • 03-24-2017
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    Not a trail exactly, but it is pure New Mexico!!!
    Sunset over Taos from Highline ridge...

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  • 05-28-2017
    Infamous drop, Otero Canyon.

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