Let the state know how important outdoor recreation is to you. The survey isn't short, but it is comprehensive.

New Mexico State Parks is seeking public input and comments through the on-line Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) Outdoor Recreation Survey to help provide the necessary information to aid in statewide planning for the future of outdoor recreation and trails in New Mexico for the next five-years.

You and your family can play an important role in the future of outdoor recreation in New Mexico as we develop a plan for outdoor recreational opportunities and programs, trail connections, open space acquisitions, and other recreation investments. Please give us a few minutes of your time to share your wishes regarding your family and community outdoor recreation needs. Please share this with you family, friends and other outdoor recreationist. You could be selected to receive a free Day Use or Overnight Camping Pass.

State Parks will host the SCORP survey site through July 15, 2009. To access the SCORP Survey connect to the State Parks home page at www.nmparks.com then click on the NM Outdoor Recreation Survey button.

Thank you for your participation.

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