Dear Fellow Mountain Biker:

In Sedona, AZ many passionate mountain bikers have been religiously attending the Sedona Trails Planning Process meetings. The results of these meeting will affect the building or adoption of user created trails for ten years or longer. To date we have had ten meetings and I have attended all but three. I believe there will be two more meetings before a decision is made to either allow new mountain bike trails in Sedona or not allow them. At this point we need your help in completing the survey (Red Rock Trails Plan Update Survey ) in a positive mountain biking stance.

The survey will take you about ten minutes to complete. I am friends with traildoc and these are his answers to the survey:

#1. Mountain biking

#2. Your Choice

#3. In the Other Box I Typed in Add User Created Mountain Bike Trails, 2nd I checked Add New Trails, 3rd I checked Volunteer Trail Work Program, 4th I Checked Trail Signage and 5th I Checked Trail Classification and Rating

#4. I checked Single Track and you should pick what other choices fit your riding style.

#5. I checked Single Track plus two additional choices that you feel are important.

#6. I put “Connector trails that enhance the current trail system” in the other box.

#7. I put “Connector trails that allow multiple loop options” in the other box. 2nd, 3rd & 4th choices are your preference.

#8. As a part-time hiker, I put in Easy-Needs More, More Difficult- Needs More

#9. This is a mountain biker question, so I put in Easy- Needs More, More Difficult-Needs More. I found this a difficult question because of the amount of mileage given for each classification. A 10-15 mile length of new trail in Sedona doesn’t seem possible under our current budget.

#10. This is an equestrian question, so I wasn’t sure what to put in, so I put Don’t Know in all the choices.

#11. Your Call

#12. This is a difficult survey question to answer since all boxes can be checked without any preference. Obviously some of the funds should come from the FS, but if they don’t have a big budget they are unable to add new trails as fast as some would hope for which means other funding is needed from other funding sources.

Our local IMBA rep Patrick Kell has posted this survey on his Facebook page and he is in support of the addition of new trails in Sedona. Please take the time to complete this important survey.