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    To the guy on the Pivot Mach 6 in Otero on Sunday

    Thank you.
    For getting my sunglasses safely back to me. I have no doubt good karma will come back on you.

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    This reminds me of something that happened to Sandra, Dave Flynn and I. We were "just riding along" when we happened upon a hiker that Sandra and Dave knew. They started chit chatting and she mentioned she found a wallet of a guy from Utah and wondered if we knew him. We said no and after some more chit chat went on our way. Well further along the trail we ran into a guy on a Mt bike looking very perplexed and retracing his ride. He said he was visiting from Utah and lost his wallet.

    Well long story short, we were able to hook him up via Cell Phone with the friend and he got his wallet back by the end of his ride!

    Karma works in mysterious ways... glad you got your glasses back and don't forget to play it forward!

    Something changes at 12,000' welcome to the Odyssey!

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    Last fall I found a wallet in Placitas complete with $$$ and credit cards. I track down the owner and return it. I refuse his reward but insist that he "pay it forward". Late April this year I loose my digital camera somewhere on Gberry Mesa. I return to NM and get a txt msg days later from some guy from Breck, CO. Says he found the camera and needs to return it to me.
    Personally I only believe in my family, friends and karma..they always have my back!

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