• 12-11-2012
    El Paso Puzzler on Mountain Bike Radio - NOW!
    9:30PM Tue:

    David Wilson - El Paso Puzzler 12/11 by Mountain Bike Radio | Blog Talk Radio


    David Wilson, the head director of the El Paso Puzzler, joins Mountain Bike Radio to discuss the race and talk about what else he has going on.

    The El Paso Puzzler Mountain Bike race includes a 50 mile, 35 mile, and challenge versions. This year it is also part of a larger El Paso Puzzler Endurance weekend, which includes trail run options.
  • 12-11-2012
    Sweet! Stoked my deployment got pushed back 2 weeks and now I can do the race!
  • 12-11-2012
    MBR is having 'technical difficulties'

    if you are tuning in now, you haven't missed diddly
  • 01-25-2013
    Hey man,

    Just saw this.
    Sorry about that. He was having some issues with his phone and it took us some time to get connected. If you skip through to later in the show in the archive, you could have listened to it. I'm going to see if I can get the top two, Evan Plews and Jonathan Davis on the show to discuss the race.

    Also, be sure to check out Mountain Bike Radio is a network of mountain biking podcasts and online radio shows by mountain bikers, for mountain bikers. for all kinds of new stuff talking mountain bikes.
    I appreciate you listening in and sharing links like this. It's an awesome community of cool people. Thanks.

  • 01-26-2013
    No prob - good show