Due to a recent events, I'm taking it upon myself to rename one of the only two mountains in Los Lunas. The extinct volcano shall now be know as "Devils Mountain".

The first ride I did with my wife was in a valley called the bowl. The bowl is a sandy pit with punchy climbs and descents along with a few technical sections. It isn't very difficult but you gotta be in shape to ride it. Once you get on the actual mountain it's another story.

Starting from the hunning ranch trail head your greeted with a hike a bike. The sand is deep and the hill is steep.

You can avoid this by looping around the south end. From there you can actually pedal up. The initial climbs onto the mountain are all sandy but, very doable if you got the legs. This place may be a hidden paradise for people that like hard riding.(*******s)

<a href="http://s34.photobucket.com/user/mrpea9999/media/FILE0001-1.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d141/mrpea9999/FILE0001-1.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo FILE0001-1.jpg"/></a>

Once you get past the sand on the lowest parts of the mountain it transitions right into baby head fields.

<a href="http://s34.photobucket.com/user/mrpea9999/media/sandtobabyheads.png.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d141/mrpea9999/sandtobabyheads.png" border="0" alt=" photo sandtobabyheads.png"/></a>

This place brakes your spirit fast. Luckily I didn't do the go around to the south. I would have had zero energy for these rock gardens. The baby heads are all about the size of soft balls and roll off each other. Be careful walking up or dabbing cause they are the perfect size to roll your ankles on. I'm not the best climber and didn't come close to even riding half the climb. I do ride with some good climbers though and the whole trail is doable but, you gotta have legs, lungs, and some technical skill.

<a href="http://s34.photobucket.com/user/mrpea9999/media/babyheadhab.png.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d141/mrpea9999/babyheadhab.png" border="0" alt=" photo babyheadhab.png"/></a>

Once past the baby heads the mountain firms up the ground is harder and the rocks were bigger. This is my style of riding tight and chunky . there are a few technical down hill sections and a few technical uphill sections. Once again all very hard but all ride-able. The theme of the mountain is that it constantly wants a very high level of physical fitness mixed with a high level of technical skill

<a href="http://s34.photobucket.com/user/mrpea9999/media/firsttechydown.png.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d141/mrpea9999/firsttechydown.png" border="0" alt=" photo firsttechydown.png"/></a>

The north face of the mountain has a huge volcanic boulder field. the trail is tight and it drops off about 4or5 feet onto sharp lava rocks. This might be the toughest riding on the mountain in terms of technical skill. there's one stand out feature, a boulder that forces you to tight rope a rock ledge.

<a href="http://s34.photobucket.com/user/mrpea9999/media/4f4a0118-1447-4c04-9750-7448571d72a2.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d141/mrpea9999/4f4a0118-1447-4c04-9750-7448571d72a2.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 4f4a0118-1447-4c04-9750-7448571d72a2.jpg"/></a>

<a href="http://s34.photobucket.com/user/mrpea9999/media/225e2704-4cba-4e5f-b2c7-a174e4d51628.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d141/mrpea9999/225e2704-4cba-4e5f-b2c7-a174e4d51628.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 225e2704-4cba-4e5f-b2c7-a174e4d51628.jpg"/></a>

Its very cool and I'll pat my self on the back when i clean it in the near future. other sections of the boulder field require lofting the front wheel and a good amount of balance.

<a href="http://s34.photobucket.com/user/mrpea9999/media/boulderfeildtech.png.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d141/mrpea9999/boulderfeildtech.png" border="0" alt=" photo boulderfeildtech.png"/></a>

Out of the boulder field are a couple very fast very rocky downhills very fun easy to just plow through and work your suspensions. After that you get fed a long loose steep climb all the way to the top of the mountain, once again i pushed the bike up but other people could climb it if they were in good enough shape. The top of the mountain is covered in loose rocks and goat heads. Check out the nice 100' drop off. Look up and you can see all the way to Santa Fe and Grants.

<a href="http://s34.photobucket.com/user/mrpea9999/media/viewfromthetop.png.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d141/mrpea9999/viewfromthetop.png" border="0" alt=" photo viewfromthetop.png"/></a>

From the top of the mountain its a free for all back to the trail head. Pick your poison it can be a bumpy fast ride or it can be gnarly. I got a little lost on the way down and ended up riding down a rocky ravine that ended doing a switchback into a steep sandy hill, VERY fun.

<a href="http://s34.photobucket.com/user/mrpea9999/media/ravinedecend.png.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d141/mrpea9999/ravinedecend.png" border="0" alt=" photo ravinedecend.png"/></a>

So thats devils mountain. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they are a fairly advanced rider with a lust for adventure. Even if your in top shape you'd have to be an Olympian to clean the whole thing and some people cant stand trails that are not 100% ride-able by 100% of the population

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But if you have a mean streak and want to punish yourself get out and ride devils mountain then reward yourself with a satanic head badge( if you need one i got an extra )

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special thanks to jg1990 for the original thread and scoutings El Cerro de Los Lunas