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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! $100k in Solen Bikes from Breck, CO

    Hey MTB peeps.** We had over $100k in high end bikes stolen from Breck in the wee hours of 8-20.* These thieves know their gear.* The either dumped or didnít bother with anything under a $1500 value.* I am currently getting a detailed list from Breck PD of models sizes and serial #s.* PLEASE help us keep an eye out on the classifieds and in your shops that run consignment.* They gotta fence them off somewhere and as we all know> itís like 4 degrees of separation in the MTB world.* Email me for more info & Iíll post the list of stolen rigs when I get it later today.* Thanks for your>>NM Folks> we think they'll try to off these a state or 2 over, so that is why the post here.* Help us keep an eye out please.* We'd do the same for you up here.
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    Damn Seth - that sux. Post up a list of bikes to look out for, as the network is tight here., plus - some like myself are alway scruising eBay and CL for 'steals' of a different sort.
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    No worries, will keep an eye out for some upper end gear. If you could post a general list of what was pinched giving us an idea of what was taken.

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    No problem bro. Im always checking CL. Post your list when you can.
    Sorry to hear that bro. Good luck.
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    Here is the list from Breck

    NM peeps> thanks again...

    Not quite all of them, but if folks cant get me their info, I can only do so much. To be clear, all of these bikes were taken from homes in Breck and just so the critics are clear, not every one in Breck is rich. In fact the ďrichĒ people are the ones that own second homes here and the victims of these thefts ALL work for a living just like you and the thefts were from deed restricted neighborhoods for us poor folk, so to the neigh sayerís that think we all rcih up here GFY! Also, none of these bikes were mine, but they were my neighbors and fellow townies.
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    What a list. Sticky

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    damn! how'd they lift all those units from multiple locals in one day? that's bold, and dare I say, combined with lax

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    Pretty amazing that so many bikes were taken from a high density housing area and NOBODY saw or heard anything???!!!??

    Somebody in the area that you guys have seen and maybe even know took those bikes.

    I'm so glad I have good neighbors who hang out on their porches all paranoid like when some car that doesn't belong on our street drives past.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fastmtnbiker33w
    I'm so glad I have good neighbors who hang out on their porches all paranoid like when some car that doesn't belong on our street drives past.
    I was working on my bike in the garage tuesday night about 8pm. Besides the bike I'm working on, four more are visible hanging from the rafters. Some guy kept driving thru my cul-de-sac verrrrry slowly. The 4th time thru I confronted the dude and asked if he needed something. Turns out he was a pizza delivery guy. I felt a little foolish but oh well.

    And I'm with fastmtnbiker33w on this one. Sounds like somebody who was familiar with the area and knew exactly where to go.
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    Right after I moved into my house a few years ago, I had the garage door open on a saturday afternoon. For some strange reason, I decided to walk out into the garage while I was eating lunch and some guy was walking off with my tool box. He was nearly to the end of my driveway. I yelled "What the hell are you doing?!" and he gave me some lame story about how he thought this was his friends house.

    The irony was that the tool box he grabbed only had bike tools in it and I'm pretty sure he wasn't a cyclist because he left my bikes in the garage!

    Sorry to hear about these thieves. I'm thinking that it's some neighborhood kids. Were only bicycles taken from these places?

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