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    Sterling Forest Multi Use Trails Class 9/22/13

    Sterling Forest Multi Use Trails Class 9/22/13

    (cross post from NY)

    Sterling Forest is just about one hour from NYC and consists of about 20,000 acres. We have cooperated with the folks from NY/NJ TC to work out a trails plan that calls for about 20-45 miles of trails open to mountain bicycles. Unfortunately we haven't found a niche of core riders here because the trails aren't marked yet.

    Most of the trails exist and would just need appropriate signage to create loops. There is also an opportunity to fix a poor trail route that would make a connection to Ringwood NJ's mountain bike trails.

    All this potential is missing one thing...YOU!

    The NY/NJ TC are holding a multi use trails class that will test the waters and see if there is interest from the local mountain bikers to get this project rolling.

    Please mark your calendars and sign up for the class to show support for the project.

    The class is free and sponsored by NY/NJ TC & REI but you must sign up in advance before the 18th

    Where: Sterling Forest's beautiful new visitors center on the lake
    When: Sept 22 from 9am till 3pm

    There is a maximum of 12 people but if they get an overwhelming amount of interest, it would look great for judging interest in creating mountain biking opportunities within the park.

    Tell your friends and share with your local clubs.

    Go here: Trail Layout & Design Multi Use Trails :
    Trail Layout & Design Multi Use Trails : Trail U 749 | New York-New Jersey Trail Conference
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