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    Mahlon Dickerson Conditions

    I rode Mahlon Dickerson today, May 2, and, despite all the recent rain, conditions were excellent. Except for the rail trail across Weldon Road from the Safin Pond parking lot, it was pretty much dry.

    There was some running water in the usual spots but I was surprised at how dry most of the trails were. Where I did ride through water, the bottom was firm and I left little in the way of tracks. I elected to carry my bike through a few areas to avoid damage but for the most part, that was not an issue.

    It should be even better this weekend as the park continues to drain.

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    5-11-14 Pretty good cond. Some mud spots are getting bad. Trails are getting wider for sure (Strava maybe?). Folks gotta stay in the center of the trail. Mahlon is cool because of the rocks so let's not ride around them. Alot of 12 inch trails are getting to be 3 feet wide.

    Over all the place is good, wet spots are wet but small, the rocks are still rocks. Have fun!
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