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    JORBA TM Thanks Stephens SP

    Another nice weekend and a great turn out to hit the blow down on the trails at Stephens State Park. Sunday we got all of the Maze (Pink Trail), Red, Yellow, Red/White and a short segment of the Southern part of the White cleaned up. Right now it looks like most the Park is clear. Over the next few weeks efforts will be made to get to the remainder of the White, Green, Orange and Blue Trails.

    Thanks to the following folks that came out to battle the blow down:

    Patty Bender
    Leslie McGlynn
    Rich Zipper
    Scott Huyler
    Todd Furman
    Jack Lux
    Joe Scheneck
    Steve Filipponi
    JP Muholland
    Eric Duch

    Hope everyone gets out this week to enjoy the great weather we are continuing to have!

    Bob and Karen
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    Thanks from the Park Superintendant


    Thanks for all your hard work . I can only imagine how bad the trails were when I look at all our other property. Needless to say I don’t know when we’ll ever catch up. Before you know it we’ll be plowing snow and fixing frozen water pipes! Enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving – you certainly deserve it!

    Helen Maurella
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    "The rides to short to not kick against the pricks" M.F.

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    Well done.....

    Very Well.... We got alot done after the massive blowdown in Oct. Thanks to all who showed up an d helped.

    Fyi....... Tilcon has a somewhat deep water crossing, if you don't want to get your toes wet then ride up Kinney rd. make a right and look for the entrance up onto the railtrail on your right. (the skinny one that goes up on an angle next to the wasted gullie ).

    Have fun and enjoy the ride!
    J.O.R.B.A. More than just tm. WWW.JORBA.ORG

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