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    2013 Team Bulldog HS & MS Mtn Biking State Championship & Kids Race

    2013 Team Bulldog HS & MS Mtn Biking State Championship & Kids Race

    Join Team Bulldog on Saturday May 11, 2013 at Kittatinny Valley SP for their 8th Annual High School and Middle School NJ Mountain Biking State Championships and Kids' Mountain Bike Race. This event has been an absolute blast in years past and is an excellent way to introduce aspiring young racers to mountain bike racing; for the older juniors in middle school and high school, you can choose from among a novice category and one for seasoned racers.

    For more information check out these resources...

    HS/MS State Championships
    Kids' Race (Grades K-5)

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    I am High School teacher in Ocean County. Is there any movement for a high school mountain bike league, like NY just started? Curious. Thinking of starting a club at my school.

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