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    Prride meals and drinks

    Just wondering what everyone likes to eat and drink sometime during the day before riding. Last week all I had was oatmeal for breakfast and I bonked hard out at BB Today was back to my usual preride pasta meal a few hours before ride time and then a cup of coffee on the way to the TH. What a difference I felt great and had a pretty strong ride. I also run extend lime in my camelbak which is great for those hot summer rides!
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    whatever i can get ahold of.

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    I usually ride early in the morning so I'll usually have just a banana with some peanut butter on it. The combo works well for me. I just load water in the camelback, but I take a water bottle with Gatorade or Cytomax along as well. If I'm riding front on the tandem, I always make sure to have one of Roberto's extra beany burritos...makes for a fun ride.

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    I just have Oatmeal with a banana and a cup-o-joe for morning rides.
    PB & Jelly on the camelback for mid ride and some Fizz in my water bottle.
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    Just whatever. I tend to do a lot of carbs for breakfast, then a sandwich with some type of meat and cheese for lunch. I keep my food simple and easy to digest so that I can ride whenever the opportunity presents itself, without having to worry about what I've previously eaten. Water and coffee and the liquids for me. On the bike, it's Clif bars and water. Maybe a couple small sandwiches if I'm riding while lunchtime is approaching.
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