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    Reactive S suspension question (Zen)

    Alright, forgive me if this is obvious, but I was having a discussion at the shop a couple days ago and we were talking about different suspension designs...anyway, is the "Reactive S" suspension on the Zen considered a "single pivot" design?

    Someone claimed that because the Jamis XCR has a pivot where the chainstay/seatstay meet its not considered a single pivot design. I can't say thats even true, but if so, does the flexing of the seatstay on the rear triangle classify as a pivot? And does the linkage mounted to the seattube mean anything?
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    The zen is a single pivot. The Jamis xcr is too. Most other designs are technically four bar: Trek ABP, Specialized FSR/ Horst link, and dual links. And some single pivots are high pivot unified rear triangles and won't have the linkage mounted on the seat tube. Trek's ABP is dope- it basically is a floating brake design and also the only design to NOT attach the shock to the front triangle.

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    You know where you should be asking this

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    It gets me how suspension designs, so much more different and complicated compared to the SA, are also called single pivots.
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    very good series in Dirt magazine over the last few months explaining the various systems. The Trek is actually a single pivot!
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