Hey hey hey!

Thought you'd all like to know about our Owner Registration system if you have not been checking out mountaincycle.com.

To ensure we can look after you and your ride 100%, you will need to register as a Mountain Cycle owner, with the added benefit of when you do, you will be granted membership to the Mountain Cycle Performance Shop.

To register as an owner, just e-mail the following information to us at: owner-rego@mountaincycle.com

1. Name
2. Date of Birth
3. Address
4. Date of purchase
5. Place of purchase
6. Frame type and colour
7. Serial number

Right now we are using an email system but might make it an online form. Either way, this is how you now rego your MC frame for warranty as well as for gaining access to the Performance Store (which is only for approved MC owners).

Things are-a-moving.

Cheers and beers,