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Thread: Ghetto Tubeless

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    Ghetto Tubeless

    Has anyone tried to convert the Vuelta XRP wheels to Ghetto Tubeless?

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    I seem to remember reading about someone doing it but I don't remember what the outcome was.

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    Got my front XRP Pro to convert simply with a stan's conversion rubber rim strip. Couldn't get the rear to convert for some reason. Tried 3 diff tires. Front tire lost its seal during transportation and I put a tube in and haven't bothered to set it tubeless again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scuver View Post
    Has anyone tried to convert the Vuelta XRP wheels to Ghetto Tubeless?
    A guy on my local New Jersey mtb network has performed it successfully. He posted photos of it as well as a damn good review of his Moto Fly Team Ti 29er!

    Copy/paste this link:

    Motobecane Fly Team Titanium 29er -

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    I first taped up the rim bed used a tubeless valve, tubeless ready tires and Stans sealant. This worked horribly. The tires would burp out all the air when ever I hit a rock garden. The Vuelta rims just don't hold the tire bead tight enough. So I went to using stans rim strips and they worked great. So if you are going to do ghetto tubeless with a split tube it should work well.
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