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    First impression Fantom 29er Comp

    This review is for the 2015 Motobecane Fantom 29 Comp.
    I've previously owned a Fantom 29er X5 and here's the review I wrote for it few year back:

    I put under 100 miles on the X5, but crashed out and lost two front teeth, sold the bike and vowed to my wife I'd never do Mountain biking again.
    Fast forward three years later and here we go again.

    First up is sizing. Everyone is a bit apprehensive about BD bikes due to sizing.
    I consider myself normally proportionate with torso and legs so I'm more at ease with online ordering.
    I ignore the sizing guide from BD, and did some research by taking a look at other manufacturers such as Scott, Giant, FUJI, Specialized and Trek sizing chart for for my height.
    Giant was the only company to recommend a size smaller than others, so I consider their sizing guide as an outlier.
    I found that for my height of 5'11.5", I would be a good fit for a ETT of about 23.8"-24.4", and the 17.5" Fantom Comp 29er had ETT of 24.3.
    I was very worried about the SO height of 32.4, but Chris from BD assured me that the SO is measured from the center of the TT, and the rider will have enough room to stradle the bike.
    I went ahead and placed the order and waited about 10 days for it to arrive.

    I spent about three hours on the initial assembly, but I'm very anal about my bike build. Greasing every nuts and bolts, bottom bracket, checking and rechecking adjustments etc.
    Lot of time was spent on doing the disc caliper adjustments trying to get rid of the brake rubs but now they're silent.
    I also needed to mount the rear deraileur and adjust, attach front brake cable to the fork and attach the bar.
    Shifters and brakes were already mounted so that saved a bit of time.

    Was worried about the standover, but I can straddle and lift with and inch or two no problem.
    Also not bothered by the long(relative to other bikes) wheelbase.

    Bike complete came in hair above 30# without pedals, but I plan to bring it down a bit in the future.

    Some misinformed specs from the BD website:
    17.5" comes with 175mm crankarm not 170mm, which is better fit for my height, and stem is 100mm not 110mm which is good since 110mm on a 29er would look weird.
    Came with SLX rear deraileur, was expecting Deore, which is a plus.

    Comparing to the X5, this bike comes with better stem, seatpost, and bars and the rear mech.

    Lastly the bike has Made in Taiwan sticker, not sure if anyone cares but I consider Taiwan BD bikes to be higher quality than Chinese BD Bike.

    This will be my seventh BD bikes, and I've generally been pretty happy with most of them.

    2004 Trek 520 23"/58cm (SOLD)
    2010 Motobecane Century Comp 58" (SOLD)
    2011 Motobecane Fantom 29 X5 19" (SOLD)
    2012 Motobecane Le Champ Ti 56"
    2012 Windsor Hour 58" (SOLD)
    2013 Motobecane Cafe Sprint (SOLD)
    2013 Motobecane Cafe Noir
    2015 Motobecane Fantom 29 Comp
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails First impression Fantom 29er Comp-img_20140905_131218.jpg  

    First impression Fantom 29er Comp-img_20140904_210117.jpg  

    First impression Fantom 29er Comp-img_20140904_205419.jpg  

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