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    Fantom pro Ti B-29er

    I had seen an article on MTB review someone wrote up about converting to a B-29er and said they liked it. I decided to give it a try and what luck!, I went on ebay and found a Stan's crest 650b rear wheel with a nice Kenda karma tire and a M970 ti cassette for $250 ........perfect!
    I was able to turn over the 9 speed cassette for $60 so score...

    What I found with the original setup and running 2x10 that some of the local climbs like Mount Falcon(Morrison, Co.) were a downright struggle. With the difference in circumference of the two rear wheels I got an 8% gearing advantage and it makes a world of difference. Also now the standover height is perfect and it seems to handle better both uphill and down so it is staying this way permanently......... Just thought I'd share.

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    Thanks for the info, give another update once you get some more miles on it. Might be an interesting swap for me too.

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