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    YBB 26" vs YBB29"


    Actually I have a Rigormootis 17" and I love it,I thinking to buy a new one, what do you recomended?

    YBB26" or YBB 29"?

    Thank you


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    I haven't ridden a YBB 29, but I'd probably go ahead and trade my YBB26 for one without even trying it. I've had 4 different 29ers so far, and like the feel far better for what I do. As long as the Moots doesn't handle like I pig (which I doubt) then it'd be a GO.

    The folks I know who don't care for the 29 feel are the kind who tend to fly through the air as much as possible. They are also the types who wouldn't be riding a YBB anyway, but something FS and 26 for flick-a-bility and more cush. If you're the YBB type, by my way of thinking, there's no reason not to take advantage of the bigger wheels.

    For most of what I tend to ride, the bigger wheels take me where I want to go with more fun. I love the simplicity and longevity of my Moots. But it's set aside for now most of the time, while I play faster in rougher stuff on a Fisher Rumblefish.


    (And yes, of course I'd trade if you decide you don't like the 29! Er, except you don't seem like the same size as I am. Sad day for me and my 12 year old Moots and potential free upgrade.)
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    26 vs 29 YBB

    I recently converted from the 26YBB to the 29YBB, all in the past 6 months.

    Coming from the West coast and beginning experience when there were only 26" mtbs I thought I would never switch. Moving from an Ellsworth Epiphany full suspension, which was too much bike for the riding I now do, I landed on the 26r MOOTS. Perfect until I rode a couple friends 29r's the same day I was on my 26r. Here are the differences I noticed....

    Comfort - the 29r rode over tree roots and small trail rocks much easier. It also hopped trail logs easier as well due to the geometry angle of a 29 wheel approaching an obstacle vs a 26" wheel. I was afraid the taller wheel would feel different but the frame manufacturers have figured that out keeping bottom bracket heights almost identical. Additonally, I was fearful the taller wheel would be less rigid and too flexy but not the case. I credit it to manufactuer evolution with the 29r's...stronger, stiffer rims and spokes, advancements in tires,etc.

    Handling - my trails now days are much different than my west coast trails. All XC stuff now compared to all MTN out west. Less technical now and not as much need for that quick turning capability of the 26r. The 29r handles like a dream albeit it I've not had it on very technical stuff.

    Sizing - be sure to get the proper size frame and fork setup. My 26r was one size too small and despite stem and seat adjustments didn't have the same cockpit feel as my 19" 29r.

    Bottom Line - I suggest you make your decision based upon where you intend to ride and what type of riding you plan to do. The 26r for faster,tighter and more technical trails. The 29r for woodsy, XC type stuff.

    For me the 29r YBB will be it until death do us part! Hope this helps...

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    I got a Gristle last year (26/29) and love it. It has all the benifits of the big wheel in front, rolling over everrything, etc, but withtout the extra weight of the big wheel in the rear for a boost climbing. Mine is the YBB and it rides as good as my 3' Smoothie, except the 29 wheel seems to handle loose conditions and sandy spots better.

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    I have been on a MootoX for the last 3+ years, and came off a 26" YBB. Lived in Fruita Co and now Asheville so I have been lucky enough to ride in a variety of conditions with the bikes. I am sold on the MootoX. The ride I would like to try is the Gristle YBB though. I have heard both ways about the combo tire says it is fantastic the other says the rear wheel feels like it is being "drug" over the trail.

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