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Thread: Moots YBB 29er

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    New question here. Moots YBB 29er


    Looking for some input / help.

    Just picked up a used Moots YBB 29er.

    Have a couple of questions for YBB owners.

    How much of the slider on the rear should be showing? I know Moots mentions 1 1/8 inches of travel on their site. Should I have 1 1/8 inches showing? Right now I have about 3/4 of an inch. Is this normal?

    Second, when I compress the YBB, by pushing down on the seat-tube, it makes a creaking noise? Does it need lube?

    Thanks in advance!
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    The rear wheel moves 11/8, the slider does not move the full distance. Creaking is normal for the ybb, you can lightly lube the slider with some Tri-flow or similar light duty oil, or disassemble the whole unit and repack it with grease. Oil works on the short term, grease works longer. Also as the slider wears, it asks for more lube by creaking, if you notice wear over just normal scoring, replace the slider. It will keep the rear end tracking up and down and less side to side.

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    You should see about 3/4" of travel on the slider, which equates to full travel at the rear wheel. You should have NO creaks form the slider or the frame for that matter. I've got a custom YBB built up as a SS and ride it very hard, it is absolutely the quiestest bike I've ever riden. It may be your seat post creaking.


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    hello, in the market for a new ride and probably taking the plunge on a custom ybb soon. Couple questions:

    I've read the rear can only handle a 2.1 tire, tire sizes range so much by manufacturer, has anyone been able to squeeze a 2.2 maxxis ikon on there by any chance?

    Also planning on going sram 1x11, any potential issues?


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    Look there, it's mine. • Afficher le sujet - Le sujet des Moots YBB & YBB SL et de leurs amis (Rigor,...)

    On the last pic, you'll see the tire clearance with a Rara 2.25.
    There isn't much space left and I think that in muddy conditions (I live in Belgium) this can be an issue.
    On the picyures, front derrailleur was still not placed and rear brake needed to be bled.
    Bleeding needed as the hose was too short and anyway circuit has to be opened to pass the hose through the fully closed ring for the rear brakes (silly)

    I just got it back this wednesday and this sunday I'll do my first ride on it.
    Don't know if I'll change the tire before, I would have to find a maxxis beaver 2.1 (muddy these times in Belgium)

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    First time on a Moots

    This past Thursday PM, and then again early Friday AM, I was able to demo a Moots YBB 29er for two rides. It was the LBS's manager's bike.

    I know it's old hat for many Moots and other high end custom Ti owners, but for me this was close to a religious experience. I don't consider myself a bike connoisseur (road or mtn.) like many here, having only ridden an Ellsworth Truth for the last 10 years.

    Not the only first-I'd never ridden a 29er on dirt before.

    He had some some nice Enve XC 29er wheels on it as well as the Sram 1 X11. The size was an 18". We both felt a 17" would be the right sizing for me but he installed a shorter stem for the demo which made it a closer fit where I could at least get a general idea.

    On Thursday evening I traversed the entire Verdugo Mountain range by my house where I do 90% of my mountain riding. If I push it on the climb, I can do it in just under 2 hours. Just riding at maybe 75% effort on the climb I managed a 1:40. It's a 7 mile out & back with close to a 2000 ft. elevation gain in the six miles to the highest point .

    The fireroad is your typical SoCal fare-rocky, rutted, sandy and steep. The Moots was truly like a "magic carpet ride" floating over the trail effortlessly. There are one or two dicey short, sandy uphill sections that I'm always challenged clearing. The Moots kinda just glided through these sections like..hey this is no big deal. Again a very inspiring experience.

    I'm not at all a downhill bomber or racer type. Being mainly a runner, I use biking for crosstraining more these days as I just turned 60 (yikes) last month. Hopefully it will prolong my running. Also I'm a long time pro jazz pianist that has to be very careful of my hands, shoulders/fingers etc. basically I don't do crazy s**t. The downhill definitely was more stable and I felt more at ease then on my FS Ellsworth.

    My only reservation might be with the whole 29er format. I'm 5' 8" and at times didn't dig sitting up so high. I know a size down would help matters but I'm going to try and rent a 650B from another shop (not a Moots, probably a KHS) just to get an idea if the 27.5 sizing feels more right to me.

    If it's agreeable, a good chance I'll go with the new Moots 650B. I was considering going custom with the Kish, Ericksen or even Potts and know with many here, that route is considered preferable but-- I feel real good about not only getting any after sale assistance I might need down the road (I'm mechanically challenged on most anything related to the bike), but also supporting this branch of my LBS, even though it's 32 miles one way. The manager went out of his way, in lending me his own personal bike (at no charge) and making sure it was set up properly to best demo my particular trail. Their pricing is excellent as well with wiggle room below msrp.

    I doubt I'd be able to swing the Enve wheels at this point but would like to do the Sram XX1 1X11. I was super impressed with the simplicity and ease of shifting compared to my XT 3 X9 on my Truth.

    So again, I know it's old news to many long time Moots owners but I was blown away with the YBB along with the bigger wheel concept. I've been running and riding in the Verdugos for over 16 years and it was certainly the most fun I ever had on a bike.

    Verdugo Mountains Near Tongva Peak - YouTube
    if you don't get dizzy from the time-lapsed vid, here's another view of the first half of the mountain range:
    Beaudry Trails Loop Timelapse - YouTube
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    I've had a custom ybb 29'r and have been racing it SS for about 2 years now. I had the geo matched to that of the RSL along with a shorter head tube and top tube (I'm 5'8" also). I have very little stand over but it is not needed. Don't be afraid of the 29'r just because it seems taller because of the wheels.
    Currently I race it SS mountain, SS CX (after throwing on some cx wheels and niner fork), and actually train on it on the road hills after throwing on SS road gearing and road wheels. Very versitile frame and very cumfy without lossing the snappy hard tail feel. Best kept secret for racing. Just keep it a secret, don't need any more compition.
    Oh, and it is a master piece to look at. amongst all the fancy carbon frames, I'm amazed at the compliments I get for the bling factor.


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