Sent this email to the guys at Moots and wanted to see what the forum thought. Thanks

Looking for some feedback on sizing for a stock Mooto X Rigor. I don't think I need to go custom but I used your fit form and gathered the following measurements in centimeters hoping for some idea on what size you recommend. My shop isn't a Moots dealer so they don't have any models available to test ride.

1. Height 175.2
2. Weight 153
3. Male
4. Inseam 79.5
5. Arm length 56
6. Floor to top shoulder 150
7. Torso length 93
8. Femur length 61
9. Shoe size 10

I currently ride a VaMoots 53 with a 100mm stem.

I've heard that the Mooto X rigor requires spacers for Fox suspension forks. Is this true?