Long shot, I know, but I have to try. I just built up a Carbon Cannondale Rush with a Lefty Max, CrossMax SL wheelset, Shimano XT components; a nice solid build. The problem is, I bought it and built it on a whim but I've been riding 29ers exclusively since 2005 and I just prefer the way they ride. I took this bike out for a test ride and I can't fault it but I've been pining for a Mooto X-YBB for a long time and figured I'd take the shot that someone out there built one up and decided the 29" wheels just aren't for them.

I'm looking for a 19" frame and would be willing to see if we could work out a trade - my bike for a complete Mooto, or even my complete bike for a nice Mooto frame, fork and headset (and maybe wheels). Anybody have any interest or know someone that may? Thanks!

Oh, and Spam police: I do have a wanted ad out in the classifieds.