• 01-18-2013
    Creaking MootoX YBB driving me crazy

    My MootoX YBB (standard dropout version) has developed a creak and obviously it's spoiling my rides. The creak occurs when under power and >seems< to be caused by the flexing of the BB area causing a creak that manifests midway up the down tube.

    Things I have done so far to try to exorcise the demon:

    1) Total rebuild of the rear with new parts and grease
    2) Made sure the seatpost is greased (copper grease)
    3) Fastidiously cleaned seat clamp / seat rails
    4) All bar / stem / steerer interfaces cleaned and greased
    5) BB and crank (XT BB, XTR cranks) removed all surfaces cleaned and greased
    6) Pedals checked for play, cleaned and greased
    7) Removable drop out removed, cleaned and greased
    8) Cassette (XTR on King) removed, cleaned, greased, checked for play etc
    9) Checked my knees, took some cortisol just to be sure

    While free-wheeling I can bounce up and down in the saddle and while standing squish the YBB up and down with no creak. I can torque the bars all over - no creak. But put some power down and away we go. Curiously if I get off the bike and stand on one pedal to where I can see the frame deflecting there doesn't seem to be a creak... WTF ?

    Prior to the MootoX I owned a 26er YBB for 5 years and that thing never even whispered which makes the currently problem doubly frustrating I think.

    Anyone have any other ideas of what to fettle / black magic incantations?

    Many thanks, Nick.
  • 01-22-2013
    You haven't mentioned your seat post-seat interface. I had a little creaking on my Ti- Smoothie, then on a YBB-Superlight. After going though nearly the same steps you did, the problem was easily remedied by tightening the seat to the post. If the interface is dirty, clean it. Obviously, the rest of your bike is ultra clean and greased already ;)

    Just a thought. I hope it fixes it.
  • 01-23-2013
    Did you check the chainring bolts on the crankset?
  • 01-28-2013
    Mojo Man

    Originally Posted by sbsbiker View Post
    Did you check the chainring bolts on the crankset?

    Yes, when I built up my new YBB creaking also, I found it to be the front chain ring bolts. I put a little grease on the bolts, tightened, and wella, quiet as a mouse, just like a SS set up should be. And believe me,I really torque the cranks when climbing.

  • 01-28-2013
    Thanks for all the great ideas. As far as the seatpost / saddle goes: yup been there, done that (with two combinations of seat and post).
    I checked the chain ring bolts but they all feel tight. I'll go back when I have a spare 5 minutes and remove and regrease them to see if that's the magic.
  • 01-29-2013
    Make sure the rear quick release is greased and very snug.
  • 01-30-2013
    Johnny Chicken Bones
    Same as DFHOWARD.
    Check the QR/HUB/dropout interface.
    I added some Ti bolt kit to my SS MootoX. Took me a month to figure out that it wasn't the kit. It was the DT RWS I added at the same time. Damned thing makes racket every few months.
  • 02-19-2013

    I think I've nailed it... woot!

    I revisited the whole BB / crank area and upon removing the BB found there was a broken ball in one of the races. I could only feel a slight glitch every so often when rotating with fingers, certainly nothing like gross play but juuuust enough to cause problems when the stresses of big pedaling efforts were applied. Now with a replacement BB fitted silence has been restored and my legs feel at least 10% more powerful. Thanks everyone for the other replies - they will be mentally filed as 'other little poxy things to check' when next the dreaded creaks attack.