• 02-06-2013
    Should I trade my 2009 Scott Spark 60 for a 2009 Mongoose Teocali Elite?
    Almost everything is stock on both bikes. Its just I need to get on a Medium bike and he needs to get on a Large. :)

    How much should I let him give me extra? He said he is willing to give more money too. Help me out here guys.
  • 02-06-2013
    Dont know much about the Scott, but in my opinion the Teocali has a better fork, rear shock, and crankset. I never ridden the Scott but I do have 2009 Teocali Super and really like the FreeDrive suspension though it does require a good deal of maintenance.

    Call me a fan boy but I wouldn't trade the Teocali for the Scott, that being said if this guy is willing throw some money in , I would get enough to redo the pivot bearings about $150 US.

    You might want wait on the Scott owners for other opinions too.