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    Rebuilding a Fox Alps shock

    This is my final draft for rebuilding and modifying a Fox Alps shock. While it's on the thread I started on the suspension forum, I wanted to drop it here as well since the sweetspot used the Alps, and was my original motivation. Hopefully it'll be useful to someone.

    Let me just say, the Alps shocks are very sensitive to oil level, and like to be serviced regularly.
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    I have absolutely zero knowledge of how shocks work, what all the parts are, etc. But this looks like I will be able to rebuild mine when the time comes if I just follow your instructions.

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    I have a used 5R for sale. It's off my 1997 Klein Mantra Race and I have to say it's been used for pretty much all of the 15 years since without any servicing of any kind *ahem*.

    Shock goes up and down, does have some damping but it's sticky and makes a liquid squishing sound. Also you can hear liquid sloshing when you shake it. Also after I clean it it doesn't take long to build up a bit of oily gunge around the bottom of the shock (leaking down from the piston).

    Other than that there is very little wear - bushings are still good, no visible scratches. I got a rockshox mc3.3 to replace it and it seems to be an acceptable subsitution.

    If anyone wants it for parts then I dunno - $25 plus postage seem fair? PM me or I'll put it on ebay. This is only my third post so I'll try and get this across a few threads as I know a few of you are always on the lookout for parts/spares.

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