Yesterday I was walking in the NJ woods and came across an abandoned bike. It is a Mongoose MGX D40. The condition is pretty good- a bit of rust on chrome parts as it sat thru the winter out there. Doing some research I concluded that it is a Walmart bike but I thought I would try to rebuild it just for kicks and for something to cruise around on.

The bike is missing the rear shock. I can't find much info on the bike (probably since it's a Walmart bike). Does anyone know what type of shock or at least what size it is? I really don't know how to measure what the shock length should be because I have to reference. I'd like to put a decent rear shock on it (ebay) but I don't know what size to look for.

I emailed Mongoose and am awaiting a reply. Not sure if they would have any info on the cheap production bikes anyways.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind this is just a fun project for me and it was a free bike. I know it's not worth much. Thanks.