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    Dude....that is not a 2001 Moab. It is a 2000 or earlier Moab and none of them used ICBM IC headsets.

    Check Bikepedia.com for your correct color combination and look in the specifications list for the correct headset.

    BikePedia - 2000 Schwinn Moab 3 Complete Bicycle

    per bikepedia it's actually the Moab2 which was available in madnight black. and according to the 2000 catalog ( http://bonustomato.com/files/2000_Catalog.pdf ) it does indeed use the ICBM headset. the entire Moab and Homegrown line used the ICBM headsets.... just looking at the upper head tube you can clearly see where the headset seats into the the tube... good try though! :D
  • 12-30-2012
    Actually, I'm pretty sure it is a 2000 Moab 3 in Deep Metallic Blue/Silver. Bikepedia says the Headset is "1 1/8 threadless Schwinn Go Ahead" and the 2000 Schwinn catalog scan of the page with the Moab 3 (BonusTomato didn't have that page) from Schwinn catalogs, 1991 - 2000 (534 of 577) indeed indicates that it has the "Schwinn ICBM 1 1/8"". So.....I guess the proof is actually in the head race dimensions.

    This is sweet......nice having something fun and constructive to do while sitting around home with the flu.
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    that's the blackest blue in sunlight I've ever seen
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    and if you read what headsets the Homegrowns got, they too got the " threadless schwinn go ahead ".. it's okay, it's okay, i've been wrong most of my life and when i'm right i'm right and it feels just so goooood....
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    Well...all kidding aside, I hope he finds his headset.
  • 12-31-2012
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    it was..... well..... a Christmas, now on to next year!!!!
  • 01-01-2013
    All this mean that it is impossible to find?
    To find this headset is like te quest of the grail...
    As a result, I have a frame which serves as decoration :(

    Otherwise, nice Christmas tree ^^

    And happy new year ;)
  • 01-03-2013
    I've got an answer from Shwinn:

    We do not have the parts available thru us but I did check and here is what is listed about the particular headset.

    All models come with top cap, adjusting bolt, and star nut
    . ICBM model has beveled cartridge bearings that fit some Schwinn mountain bikes with integrated headsets
    . Headtube bearing chamfer is 45 degrees
    . Headtube I.D. is 45mm
    . Color: Black
    . Crown Race: 30.0
    . Stack Height: 13.1 mm
    . Bearing Type: Cartridge
    . Headset Type: Internal, ICBM (Schwinn)
    . Weight: 116 g
    . Material: Al
    . Steerer Tube: 1-1/8 Threadless

    Can I find an other headset with these details?
  • 01-14-2013
    hope that headset hunt worked out...

    about to hit the Santa Barbara trails!

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    Just because I'm bored, took some pictures of Rocket LTD after washing it.
  • 01-25-2013
    Schwinn8- very nice pair, I have a similar set as well. Will post pics soon,.

    Cobra-nice ride, great pool too.

    Hello All,
    I have been lurking for a bit trying to read up on my new to me Straight 6. I got a great deal on CL in Colrado and had it shipped to VIrginia. i have been following CTB and bad mechanic in this thread. If either of you two are still around, I would like some info on the Fox forks you are running. I would like to upgrade my S6 and could use feedback on the optimal fox fork travel from your experience. Any info on rear shock upgrades for the S6 would be welcome as well. My S6 is bone stock.

    I am also converting my Rocket88 to SS. I plan to move the Rockshox Psylo from the S6 to the R88. At least for a while. The psylo has variable length travel so I can dial it back to 100mm which should work well with the R88 geometry.

    I will get some pics up soon. Looking forward to geeking out over my Schwinns here!

    R88R out.
  • 02-06-2013
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    Nice Bikes guys!! There was mention of a Moab a while back so thought I would post my 97? Moab 1 I bought it new when I was working at a local shop, and just did a complete overhaul and installed a new fork. I have upgraded some things along the way, just getting back into riding from a ten year hiatus. I always liked the way this bike rode with the light weight steel frame. Fwiw I don't remember the details but seem to vaguely remember those ICBM headsets, mine is now sporting a FSA Orbit XLII.
  • 03-03-2013
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    2000 Schwinn Moab 1
    This 2000 Schwinn Moab 1 was my first MTB that I still own and probably always will. Got it for my 12th birthday, and have loved the sport ever since. Doesn’t look like it but it actually has done many miles. Used it myself till 2011.

    Attachment 777055
  • 03-03-2013
    Very nice! I still use my 1998 Moab 2 for a commuter and trainer bike.
  • 03-03-2013
    bad mechanic
    Moabs were beefy frames. While they had the same Homegrown geometry, they were heavier and burlier and could take a lot of abuse.
  • 03-06-2013
    over the years this thread has a been a great source of smiles for me, I will try and dig out some pictures of my old Schwinns...
  • 03-18-2013
    I recently picked up 2 Schwinn Project Underground frames on an auction site. I had been looking for one for 6 years, and then 2 pop up within 2 weeks of one another. Can't wait to build one and ride it. I don't know if I will ell or keep the other. I'm leaning toward keeping it and displaying it.
  • 03-18-2013
    I have 2 Schwinn Underground frames. One I rode for 10 years and cracked the head tube, then switched all the components to the other frame. Sweet ride that I'm now using like a hybrid. I can't force myself to dispose of the cracked frame.
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    94 Schwinn Underground
    My favorite off road bike.Attachment 782285
  • 03-24-2013
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    Here is my first Schwinn rebuild. I converted my Rocket 88 Stage 4 into a single speed. It is mostly a vintage rebuild, the parts coming from my Straight 6, ( the Psylo fork, XT cranks, DT Swiss wheel set and Hayes brakes) the only new parts are the chain tensioner and the single speed conversion. It weights in at 27.8 lbs.

    Will sort the suspension and ride soon. The only teething problem I can see is the tires. I think I will have to step down to 2.0s from the 2.2s I have on there now.


    Attachment 784165

    Attachment 784166Attachment 784167Attachment 784168
    I installed a Fox Vanilla R, which is .25" longer that the OEM Vanilla, so I had to modify the lower swingarm dog bone link a bit so it would not hit the bottom bracket when the shock was fully extended.
  • 03-24-2013
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    More parts for the Rocket LTD
    Nice budget build up on your 88 Rocket88R

    New upgrades to my 2006 Rocket LTD, picked up some a set Shimano XT M785 wheels with Maxxis Ikon tubeless tires of Ebay to replace the original Ritchey Shimano Hone wheels after I broke another spoke. So had to replace the rear derailleur since the hones were a hub mount derailleur, Went with a Shimano XT 9 speed medium cage alon with an XT 11-34 cassette. And replaced the stem and handle bar with a lighter and blacker FSA Afterburner. These upgrades have knocked the weight down from almost 32lb to 28.4lb. full specs below
    2006 Schwinn Rocket LTD
    Fork 2012 RockShox Revelation RLT Dual Air 140mm with Motion Control DNA
    Rear Shock 2009 Fox RP23
    Brakeset 2012 Shimano SLX IceTech M666 with Shimano XT RT81 IceTech 180mm rotors
    Shifters SHIMANO XT SL M770 9 Speed
    Front Derailleur Shimano Hone M600
    Rear Derailleur Shimano XT M772-GS
    Crankset 2010 Shimano SLX FC-M665 Crankset 36-22-bashguard
    Pedals VP Components VP-001
    BB RaceFace Turbine X-Type
    Rear Cogs Shimano Deore XT Cassette HG CS-M770 11-34T
    Chain 2011 Shimano DURA ACE XTR 9 speed
    Seatpost Kind Shock I900R
    Saddle SDG Bel-Air
    Handlebar FSA AfterBurner
    Stem FSA AfterBurner 70mm
    Headset Cane Creek ZS 44
    Hubs Shimano XT
    Wheels Shimano XT M785
    Tires 26 x 2.20" Maxxis IKON UST
  • 03-31-2013
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    Moab SL
    Here's my beloved (2000 model I think), Schwinn Moab SL. It's had many different custom parts on it over the years, but currently runs full XT, syncros stem and post, spinergy SPOX wheels, pro taper carbon bars, avid digit 7 brakes, and a custom set of Manitou Blacks, fully adjustable with lockout. I raced it for a few years back in the early 2000's but its sat idle in my shed for many years now, I can't bring myself to let it go!
  • 04-23-2013
    I am selling my homegrown factory xt bassboat blue and silver. I believe its a 15 inch. Incredible condition! Let me know if interested. Ridden only a few times
  • 04-23-2013
    Selling a homegrown factory xt yeti built 15 inch bass boat blue and silver....interest?
  • 04-24-2013
    bad mechanic
    Is it were a 19" I'd be all over it.