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    IT weights 15,38 lbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jalle ringaren View Post
    IT weights 15,38 lbs

    What year?
    '11 Jedi
    '01 Rocket 88 Stage3
    '00 Homegrown

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    Quote Originally Posted by shwinn8 View Post
    About how much does it weigh?
    It Weghts in 15.38 lbs and the manufactor year is 2009.

    The only original part on the bike is the frame itself.

    I Luv this ride I preffer this over my Felt F4, the Schwinn isnt faster
    but fast enough to challange the big brands and way more comfortable

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    1996 Schwinn Moab 3.0, 26" (with a few mod-swaps for 29" wheels)

    A few facts about the bike (non-exhaustive list):

    The Schwinn Moab 3.0 was a base model of the Moab line, 21-speed.

    The bike I have here was released in 1995 as a an "Anniversary Edition,"
    but is otherwise identical to the 1996 model Moab 3.0,
    from the catalog archives I've seen.

    * The frame is steel.
    This particular frame example is 21" center/BB to top of seat-tube.

    * The stock silver alloy wheels are Araya, 19mm internal rim width.

    * The seat-stays are labeled as "Epi*Center" and have a wishbone shape, which gives a bit more clearance, i.e. "compliance," for the rear wheel.

    This particular frame config is what allowed (and inspired) me to do a few mod-swaps to the bike, so that it can run not only the stock/26" wheels, but also wheelsets up to 700x40 (also 650b x 'wider' ).

    * Chainstay is 'asymmetrical' on the drive side; I forget what they called it or why they did it. I think it has something to do with 'offsetting' or lessening any chainslap. The only other protection it had on the driveside stay was a clear laminate/film decal,
    layered on top of the stay's bar/surface.

    * The stock fork was an RST 171-b suspension fork,
    which I believe used a combination of spring and polymer inserts.
    I've been unable to locate info on refurbing them, upgrading them,
    or even 'rigidifying' them (as with internal steel tubes and bushings).
    More on that later possibly, after I've done a bit of research.

    * The stock stem and headset were threaded,
    but standard 1 1/8 steerer tube.

    * The drivetrain consisted of:
    Shimano Acera-X rear derailleur and front derailleur (brand?)
    Suntour PowerFlo crankset, 5-bolt/star pattern, 175mm cranks
    SRAM GripShift shifters, 3x7

    * The brake system was a Shimano cantilever center-pull type.


    Conversion, Swap-Mods To The Bike:

    I did 'swap-mods' in 2 main areas of the bike: brakes and steering

    1. The stock/canti- brake system was swapped out,
    for a new extra long V brake system,
    with 125mm arms and 44mm of pad adjust.
    The long V-brakes I used are on 'eBA' from Taiwan sellers.
    I paid 36.50 USD for a set (both wheels), price included shipping.
    Available in red anodized or black.
    Another seller has two more anodized colors, blue and yellow,
    for slightly more at 45 USD per set.
    Do a keyword search for "extra long v brake" to find them.

    (Note: Contrast the price of these uncommon 'specialty' V-brakes,
    with a BMX set by Paul Components, called 'Motolite' :
    they're CNC'd in the USA, and are @ $110 per brake/wheel,
    or $220 USD a set !!! I don't even know if they're long enough,
    but I couldn't afford to find out.)

    With the extra-long v-brakes,
    I also installed Avid FR-5 levers ($14/set), and Jagwire cables-2 ($5/set).

    2. The stock threaded SF fork was swapped for a rigid threadless fork.
    I went with a Kona Project Two 26" fork,
    with rim-brake bosses ($80).
    The fork's axle-to-crown is 410mm, nearly identical
    to the stock RST suspension fork (@405mm I think).
    Because the fork's steerer tube is threadless,
    other threadless components were also required: headset and stem.
    I opted for an FSA DH Pro No.15 headset with sealed bearings ($30),
    a Profile Designs Stem 120mm, 25deg ($30), and
    a generic alloy 31.x handlebar I had onhand (parts-bin)

    Total cost of the swap-mods (brakes and steering) was under 200 USD.

    I've kept all the removed stock parts
    in case I'd ever want to restore the bike to 'most-all' stock.

    The current wheels on the bike are Sun Rhyno Lite (622-27),
    with CST E-Series Reach tires, 700c x 40 (622-42)

    The frame & fork have 3M Diamond grade tape on them,
    for safer, hi-vis commuting.
    Good idea to add it to the forks, and rear stays at the very least,
    and maybe also to the seat area and stem/bar area.
    It works very well --- lights up bright when light hits it.

    Here's pics:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-img_20160304_024541.jpg  

    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-img_20160304_024552.jpg  

    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-img_20160304_064321.jpg  

    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-img_20160304_064418.jpg  

    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-img_20160304_023834.jpg  

    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-img_20160304_022820.jpg  

    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-img_20160304_024105.jpg  

    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-img_20160304_023414.jpg  

    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-img_20160304_024541.jpg  

    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-img_20160304_024037.jpg  

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    My current lineup of Schwinns, left to right, 1995 Homegrown full suspension, 1998 Homegrown hardtail, 1997 Moab 1 (cro-mo)Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-uploadfromtaptalk1462828364011.jpg

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    my 2 schwinns...... an 86 sierra and a 72 both for free and got them going again on the cheap the sierra was mostly cleaning and new grips, pedals and handlebars to replace the rusty ones... the varsity didnt need much either.....biggest thing was tires and tubes.... both are great riders.... dont really do any hardcore off road with the sierra, but it is still a fun ride.... better than no bikes at all.....I also have a 97 specialized rockhopper for a commuter
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-bike.jpg  

    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-bike-083.jpg  

    Attached Images Attached Images   
    97 specialized rockhopper.
    90 specialized rockhopper

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    My CL find

    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-pdg70.jpg
    Loving this thing. Needs a little love but rides great already.

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    Bought my Series 90 PDG while stationed in Germany around 1993. LOVE this bike but it's now time to down size so if any one is interested see my post in classified.

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    Latest pickup/hodgepodge 'throw it together with whatever is on hand' build.

    1981 King Sting- canti mounts and TT cable guides added WAAAAY back in the day and pure parts-bin-randomness on the craptastic fork and front brake courtesy of one of ChattyMatty's world famous threadless conversion headsets.

    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-img_20161221_133248.jpg

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    a lITTLE 95' mOAB s

    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-dscn2474.jpg
    Post your Schwinn Pics Here!-dscn2475.jpg

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