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  • 04-03-2012

    Originally Posted by lumberj4ck View Post
    I'll just repeat the common wisdom and urge you to save your money up to buy a used bike or something from a site like bikesdirect. You will end up with a better frame, better parts, and save loads of cash in th long run. This is coming from experience (my first 'bike' was a walgoose xr75) and the experience of so many others here. Enjoy your bike for what it is, and have patience.

    yea i just was asking around on the suspension forums and found out id have to go through alot of trouble to upgrade the fork so im just going to start saving for a decent hardtail and ride this one until it breaks:eek:
  • 04-11-2012
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    Here's my '09 Mongoose Canaan Elite atop Mammoth Mountain this past summer (July 2011).
  • 05-23-2012
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    My Wing Elite
    Hey, this is my Wing Elite 2006 medium size bike, called the Metal Goat. Still with stock parts, well, mostly.

    Replaced items: front and rear suspension, saddle, platform pedal, tires, brake levers, shifter levers.

    Rear suspension is an old RST 56 w/ adjustable preload and adjustable oil rebound, fork is a Suntour XCR 120 mm, with lockout and preload knob. Front travel around 5 inches rear around 4, it is quite ok for me.

    The bike is fully functional, it is smooth to ride on trails, it climbs like a mountain goat and descends on endless single trails very well. Very comfy! All parts have scratches and dents everywhere the true marks of everyday riding, but it never broke! Gosh it is 2012 and at the current conditions it will be fully functional for another 6 years or more.
  • 06-05-2012
    2011 Pinn'r Foreman
  • 06-18-2012
    No decals, but the guy I bought the frameset from said it was a Mongoose Pro-frame built by TST around 2000. Great ride, but the Mosso fork is a bit short so it has very fast steering.

  • 06-25-2012
    Victor Liew
    Mongoose Teocali Mega

    P1080415 by Victor Liew (Junyan), on Flickr
  • 06-25-2012

    Haven't shared this in a long time. Noteworthy upgrades since last time are:
    2x10 x7 shifters/der. + slx 11-36 cass.
    sector solo air (biggest improvement yet)
    hope pro2 evo hubs + flow ex rims (waiting to decide on new tires before going tubeless)
    2012 slx brakes + icetech pads, soon to be swapped to my 29er being replaced by hope tech x4's
    spank spike 777 bars
    hope qr collar
  • 07-11-2012
    2005 Teocali. Logged well over 10,000 km's on her, real km's logged on bike computer.
    Wore out drive-train and had new set installed, front disc upgrade, bar upgrade, hook-worm tyres have done the same km's as bike got them with bike when new,...mostly city commute but some trail also.
    Gel saddle, front mudguard essential for rainy day commutes. Great bike, thinking of upgrading soon to something else but it's gonna be hard to turn my back on her.

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  • 07-21-2012
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    My Mongoose
    Mods so far are Bell seat and LED tailamp, 3 watt LED headlamp, hybrid street tires, Defender kit, Klean Canteen mount and jug.
  • 07-22-2012
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    I just spent a half hour looking at this thread and nobody has posted a pic of an original Amplifier or Amplifier 2?

    My turn:
  • 07-23-2012
    This is my old beloved Mongoose Tyax Pro. I put an excess of 6,000 miles on this beauty. It was a great ride and never had any problems. I eventually sold it to some guy who wanted to make it into a moped.

    Apparently, I can't post pictures yet, so I'll edit tomorrow.
  • 08-28-2012
    New forumite here. Pic will be up soon!

    I'm getting into XC and trail riding this year and picked up an orange D60R as a fixer-upper! I think it's a 2000/2001 model.

    I read in the MTBR reviews that it's a solid frame, and pretty upgradeable (no discs though). I've decided to upgrade it in stages and learn/beat on it!

    So far :

    Ergon GP1 Biokork grips
    Cateye Enduro computer
    Koolstop MTB pads
    Mavic Crossride UB wheelset (rim or disc brake)
    Seat and seatpost from my Rockhopper
    Michelin Country Trail (front, emergency purchase, sounds like it's a pretty bleh tire...)
    Kenda Small Block 8 (rear)
    Bontrager Select ISIS crankset
    Truvativ GigaPipe Team SL ISIS BB
    Shimano M520 pedals
    SRAM 850 chain
    Shimano Deore front derailleur
    Shimano Deore rear derailleur
    Shimano 12-28 7spd cassette (front shifters/brake levers are integrated, so I stayed 3x7 for now)

    Yeah, it's quite a bit of change to throw at an old frame/design, but I was looking for an inexpensive used bike that wasn't Made-in-China...and I saw it was full-suspension too. My only previous (serious) MTB has been a 1994 rigid Rockhopper, so this has been a huge change!

  • 09-01-2012
    Swapped out a few parts recently on my old Teocali, thought I'd share a few pics.
    Shimano Saint quality chain
    Avid BB7 rear disc with 180 mm rotor
    New cabling, both gears front and rear, and brakes front and rear, new cable housing also on all
    Truvativ Holzfeller seat post
    Truvativ AKA head stem

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  • 09-08-2012
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    my 08 otero elite. just bought it a few weeks ago. it was totally re-done by the previous owner... love it!
  • 09-08-2012
    What size is that Otero?
  • 09-08-2012
    otero is a medium
  • 10-11-2012
    Nice looking bike
  • 12-10-2012
    Failed at posting a pic:madman:
  • 02-09-2013
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    2008 otero pro
    Here is my 2008 otero pro. Frame was replaced under warranty with a comp. has elixir 5 s, sun ringle eq 25 wheels with disc jockey hubs,1x9 with x7 shifter and derailleur, Kenda nevegals setup tubeless
  • 02-15-2013
    Can someone help me out and tell me what kind of bike this is. I know its a mongoose but I don't know which kind. It's similar to the Mongoose Metallic orange and gray but it's not exactly the same bike. It is older I've had it for like 3 years and the guy I got it from had it for a few years before me. Sorry it's not a mtn bike but I didn't know where else to ask. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    They wont let me add links because i haven't posted enough so maybe close the space in the link after and myrtlebeach and add http if you will. Thanks again.


    I dont want to trade it by the way, put it on craigslist to mess with my son. It's the bike he rides when he doesn't want to mess up his other bike.
  • 03-07-2013
    KS LEV 100mm Seatpost
    Got a new KS LEV 100mm Seatpost for my 2009 Teocali Super. Then took it out for a run around Otay lakes, Proctor Valley, and up the Jamul Mountains in Chula Vista Ca.

  • 03-08-2013
    [QUOTE=Cobra8d;10220875]Got a new KS LEV 100mm Seatpost for my 2009 Teocali Super. Then took it out for a run around Otay lakes, Proctor Valley, and up the Jamul Mountains in Chula Vista Ca. /QUOTE]

    Man I miss my Teocali so much.... nice looking ride you got bud!
  • 03-16-2013
    First video with my Drift HD720, I messed up the angle but still looks OK. This the downhill section from pictures 3 through 5 above and the mountain is the back ground of the last picture.

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • 04-15-2013
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    I have got into mountain biking a few months ago too see if I like and I love it. I started with a used Cannondale Jekyll 500 and sold it and got this 2008 Mongoose Canaan Elite for the 35th birthday this week for a sweet 550 bucks. I am loving this bike!Attachment 790865
  • 04-21-2013
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    Here's my 90% done Blackcomb build:

    Attachment 792474

    Attachment 792475

    Everything is totally redone, from the frame being powdercoated, to custom made brass bushings, all new hardware, Marzocchi Drop Off Triple (serviced and crowns powdercoated, lowers painted to match), Fox Vanilla with a powdercoated spring, Sram drivetrain, FSA cranks with a BBG bashguard, Clarks EXO brakes, Alex wheels, WTB Pure V saddle, WTB 2.4" Moto tires, Origin8 All-Mountain bar, Kore B-52 stem, etc. Only need to pick up the front derailleur, chain and cables to be finished!